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About Astrologer Dr.Kanimozhi Santhosh

Dr. Kanimozhi Santhosh

Dr.Kanimozhi Santhosh is an expert Astrologer trained in Vedic Astrology under Guruji Ravishankar, and KP Astrology under her beloved guruji Sarguru Srivalarajan. She has always been into the mystical world, which she found out was in her horoscope as well, and this interest has kept her going and reach new heights in the astrological community.

She has completed her Law Degree at School of Excellence in Law, Chennai and has a Phd in family law and Astrology from International Peace University, Germany by submitting her thesis in Medical Astrology(Diagnosing the future medical issues).

She was awarded as Lady of Prosperity in Astrology Conclave 2019. She began her journey in the mystical world of astrology when she was first introduced to Vedic Astrology. She then pursued the K.P system and finally into K.P. advanced stellar accuracy.

Her well rounded education background, deep understanding of KP and Vedic astrology helps her formulate simple, practical and scientifically proved remedies which were. taken from Atharvana Veda.

By using positive and negative aspects of planets in a person’s horoscope she has helped more than 10000 plus people lives around the globe.

Dr. Kanimozhi Santhosh

About Astro Maagic

We at Astro Maagic believe that the universe is the manifestation of “Divine Will” and hence is subject to interpretation. The basic premises of astrology, therefore, are that the events in heaven correspond to those on earth.
Astro Maagic step by step approach involves

  1.  Prepare complete horoscope birth-chart based on subject’s date of birth, place of birth and time of birth
  2.  By examining the planetary alignments in the natal chart, Astro Maagic’s astrologers can provide insight into karmic patterns, life challenges, strengths, and opportunities for self-actualization. From a detailed analysis, we provide following
    a. Lucky Numbers based on Numerology calculations
    b. Positive Colours
    c. Recommended Gemstones
  3.  Provide Astrological remedies or Upayas to any defects using insight from Atharvaveda. The astrological remedies will primarily focus on two aspects
    a. Upliftment of Subject
    b. Smoothen affect of bad Karma

See this page for detailed explanation of Astrological Remedies 

Astro Maagic is headed by Astrologer Dr.Kanimozhi Santhosh and ably supported by her dedicated team to help customer in performing Pariharam (Special puja and offerings) to remove negative forces in the horoscope.

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